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Acceptable Use Policy

Norwood-Norfolk Central School District Student Access to Computer Network

District Internet Rules:

Students are responsible for good behavior on school computer networks just as they are in the classroom or a school hallway. Communications on the network are public in nature and general school rules for behavior and communication apply. 

The network is provided for students and staff to conduct education and research. Parent or guardian permission is required for students who wish to have a network account. Filling out the attached form is a requirement to have an account created. Access to the school network and computer is a privilege, not a right.

Network storage areas (network drives) will be treated like school lockers. The IT Department reserves the right to review any files, folders and/or activity on any account at any time without the users' knowledge.

Rules of Acceptable Use:

All users are expected to abide by the following rules of network responsibility. These include (but are not limited to, and are subject to change) the following:

  • Be polite and use appropriate language. Abusive, vulgar, derogatory language, and/or messages are not allowed.
  • Illegal activities are forbidden and are subject to the involvement of law enforcement.
  • Do not reveal address, phone number, photos, or any other personal identifying information to anyone over the network. This includes yourself, others, or those of staff members.
  • The IT Department reserves the right to review any files, folders, and/or activity on any account at any time without the users' knowledge.
  • Do not use the network in any such way that it would disrupt the educational process for others. This includes streaming video, streaming audio, or playing games.
  • Do not access, alter, or destroy another user's files.
  • Use of network and resources will be in accordance with the Norwood-Norfolk Central School District's educational objectives. For example, games, MUD's, IRC's, chat rooms, Instant Messaging, and social networking sites are forbidden. Access to student email is allowed for specific classes or class work.
  • Do not use another user's account. Do not give out your password to anyone else.
  • Follow all copyright laws and license agreements.
  • All printing should be done to satisfy assignments only. Multiple copies are not allowed without prior approval.
  • Report the discovery of all inappropriate material to the IT Department.
  • Vandalism of computer equipment is strictly prohibited. For example, tampering with the mouse, changing keys on keyboards, removing stickers or inventory tags.
  • Installing software on school computers is strictly prohibited. Installing software or using programs to circumvent school web filtering appliances is strictly prohibited.


  • Violations will result in a 30 day loss of internet and network privileges for the 1st offense. A 2nd offense violation will result in a 60-day loss, and a 3rd offense will result in the loss of computer and network privileges for the remainder of the school year. The IT Department/Network Administrator will deem what is inappropriate and their decision is final. 
  • Additional disciplinary action may be taken at the building level in accordance with building level rules.
  • When applicable, law enforcement agencies will be involved.
  • Action may be appealed to the Superintendent or the Superintendent's designee. 


Please download and complete the acknowledgement form below: