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Changes to the STAR Program

To view information on changes to the STAR Program, click on the links below
Learn About Assessments and Property Taxes
Click this link to learn about assessments and property taxes.
Senior citizens
Seniors receiving Enhanced STAR are not affected by the new registration requirement.
Seniors must, however, continue to:
  • apply annually, or
  • participate in the Income Verification Program
Do nothing now. The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance will mail all Basic STAR recipients information on when and how to register.
  • Call (518) 457-2036 to learn more about the new registration requirement
  • Visit the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance website at to learn more about STAR
Information on your school tax bill
The amount of your STAR savings will continue to be displayed on your school property tax bill. However, because the cap is on the STAR savings (rather than the exemption amount), your savings and exemption may not be directly reflective of each other. 
In the past, you could calculate your STAR savings by multiplying your STAR exemption by the school tax rate (both of which are available on your tax bill). Where the cap is reached, that calculation will no longer yield your savings