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Budget Information

Budget Building Update:

The Norwood-Norfolk Central School District would like to better educate the public about the budget process. To do this, you will find many resources on this page to help you understand school district budgeting

Budget Documents 2024-2025
The following items are linked below
1.) Budget Newsletter for 2024-2025

2.) Budget Statement and Required Attachments:
The budget statement and required attachments must be made available to the public (upon request) at each school building in the district, the district office, any public or free association library located within the district and on the school district's internet website, if one exists, at least 7 days before the budget hearing date and not less than 14 days before the annual budget vote.

3.) Budget Presentations

Reserves and Fund Balance

Long Range Budget Planning

Monthly Financial Statements (see below)

School Funding Transparency Reports


Click to view each fact sheet listed below for detailed information on issues facing school district's: